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5617 Anthony
Brossard, Quebec, Canada J4Z 1K9
Tel : 450-926-0090 - Fax : 450-926-4203
Email : hans@hansapac.com



About Hansa Pac

Are you tired of getting only fractions of your possible production output?
Are you having problems getting service or spare parts for your machines?
Do you have worn out machines which could use overhauling or updating?
Do you have a problem for which a specific machine needs to be designed to solve it?

HANSA PAC can help you!

35 years of international problem-solving and trouble-shooting on high-speed packing lines for companies like R.J. Reynolds, Philip Morris, American Tobacco (up to 10,000 cigarettes a minute on cigarette-making equipment), Cosmair Inc. Bristol Myers, Johnson & Johnson, Baxter Laboratories, Avon Canada, Chanel Inc. Unilever - Lipton Tea, Rubbermaid, Tyco Healthcare, Montebello Packaging and many more...

Specialized in European Machinery.

Factory-trained service engineer for Focke & Co., Siemens (Germany), H.G. Kalish Packing Machines, Caristrap Strapping Machines (Canada), Martin Edwards Overwrappers (England).

We guarantee no machine is too small, too large or too complicated that we cannot repair or improve it!